Teen who went viral in Chicago got to meet rapper at Lollapalooza

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A west suburban teenager's luck turned around after he was stopped by police for allegedly trying to sneak into Lollapalooza.

Mekailo Woodfork, 18, of Schaumburg was part of the viral video of kids jumping fences to get into Lollapalooza last Friday. Woodfork, though, was the only person from the group who was stopped by security.

"All these people started saying ‘oh you’re the kid from the video’ and I was like what video? And I figured out I was on the news and all this stuff and it was like oh man, what’s happening,” Woodfork said.

He says his parents were not too happy about the whole thing, and they first heard what happened to him when they saw the video on the news.

However, after seeing the viral video, the teen's mother still bought him a ticket to Lolla.

“My mom was like 'do you really want to go?' And I was like yeah I do because I’m already here and all my friends got in, everyone got in, and I was like the only one so I was like I don’t want to try to do it again so I just… she got me a ticket,” he said.

Also, rapper "Rich the Kid" reached out to him on social media to offer him backstage access at the music festival.

“I met a lot of different people, I don’t really know who they were. They recognized me and they all wanted to take pictures. It was really nice the experience,” he said.

So, would he allegedly gate crash again?

“I think if I go to the gym more, hit the treadmill, maybe I can do it again, but other than that maybe not. I’ll just try to save up,” Woodfork said.