Dom's Kitchen, Foxtrot parent company Outfox Hospitality files for bankruptcy after sudden store closures

In the wake of their abrupt closures, the parent company of Chicago-based Dom's Kitchen & Market and Foxtrot Market has filed for bankruptcy.

Outfox Hospitality made the Chapter 7 filing in Delaware and comes six months after the two companies first merged.

The Chicago Tribune reported that in court documents, Outfox estimated it has no funds available to pay unsecured creditors.

The company estimates its assets are between $10 million and $50 million and estimates its liabilities are worth virtually the same amount.

On April 23, Foxtrot and Dom’s abruptly closed all stores nationwide. The closure affected 33 Foxtrot locations in Chicago, Dallas, Austin and the DC area as well as both Dom's Market locations in Chicago.

Three lawsuits were filed against the company following the closures, some alleging violation of federal and state rules surrounding worker notification. The company also faces a lawsuit from a supplier.

Outfox Hospitality auctioned off its assets on May 10 online, making about $2.2 million in that sale.

Chapter 7 bankruptcies are typically filed when a company shuts down.