Temps in the 30s with slushy snow on the way

We’ve got a rather wild ride on the way during the next 48 hours, even though overall impacts may be rather minimal. 

Let’s start with today.  It will be colder than yesterday’s low 40s.  That said-it won’t be THAT cold, with temperatures hovering around 30° pretty much all day long. 

Any lingering flurries as of this writing go bye bye soon. Peeks of sun are likely this afternoon. Now let’s focus on tonight-when a brief period of snow will zip through the area.  

Prime time looks to be 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. with a slushy 1-inch possible with a bias for areas north of Chicago.  Temperatures and winds will be on the way up, though, and whatever snow comes down should be just wetness on the roads by the morning commute. 

The rest of the day will feature a few showers of rain, which could mix with some non-sticking snow by evening. 


Then some legit cold air drills in for the weekend. Highs will struggle to reach 20° on Saturday, despite some sun.

That cold air passing over the lake will lead to some minor snow in Porter and LaPorte counties.  

Valentine’s Day looks quiet, with highs flirting with 30° – see what I did there?  

The big storm next week will be a likely significant warm up, which could bring 50° temps here on Wednesday.  

However – that warmth will likely be accompanied by a strong storm system which will have rain/ice and snow crossing the country. 

Right now it looks like a rain event here, perhaps followed by some light now as the colder air follows the storm.