'That could've killed me': Chicago man speaks out after attackers beat him with golf club in River West

A Chicago man is speaking out after he was brutally attacked while walking his dog in River West this past weekend.

On Friday night, Nick Christen was walking his dog on West Ohio Street when two teens parked nearby and began chasing him down the street with a golf club.

He was hit several times in the head and all over the body before a neighbor was able to scare the attackers off.


At least five residents' cameras captured the attack. The attackers are heard laughing while chasing the 42-year-old.

"They beat me all over my body, my legs, my arms, all over my back, my buttocks," said Christen. "I have black and blue marks everywhere, but the serious injury was the skull fracture. That could've killed me."

Neighbors say this experience has been a wake-up call and want to organize group dog walks as a form of safety.

No suspects are in custody.