The 606 Trail: One Year Later

A project that was 10-years in the making will celebrate its first anniversary in a few days. 

The 606 Trail cuts through four Chicago neighborhoods - Bucktown, Wicker Park, Logan Square and Humboldt Park.

So was the project worth it? Some 2000-people use it every day, and that number keeps growing.

Some 50 thousand eager runners, walkers, bikers around Bucktown and Wicker Park turned out last year when the 606 Trail opened with a lot of fanfare.

The elevated stretch of pavement 17 feet above the city streets offers a quieter, more serene and of course, faster commute through the North West side.

“I've been using the trail about a year now and it's great!” said Hugo Cook.

Cook fires up his Fitbit .and hits the 2.7 mile trail for exercise. It’s an added perk that it gets him home after work, quicker.

“If you're coming home from work you can jump into the trail and three stops away you're at home, so it definitely changes the way you commute,” Cook said.

Since The 606 opened, there have been almost 365 days of feedback and managers have taken note.

People wanted trash cans. There are now containers for that. Safety was a concern, but the lights and cameras have kept crime low.

One thing they haven't added?  Bathrooms, and no, those aren't in the plans.

It’s had some hiccups, but nearly a year later, The 606 seems to get two thumbs up.

“It's very active any time of the day, around rush hour specifically. But people are really loving it so it's great seeing all the families out here,” said Vivian Garcia.

There’s no telling when phase two will begin, because money for it is tied up in the budget stalemate.  phase two will add two more access points, one at Kimball Avenue and the other at ridgeway. That means more acreage, but not more miles to the trail.