'There's a cow in the road': Cow runs wild on Grand Rapids freeway

A cow who escaped a trailer in the middle of a Grand Rapids highway was wrangled to safety Friday morning.

Drivers on US 131 in Grand Rapids came to a complete stop in the middle of Friday's rain as a cow escaped the trailer.

Bethany Patterson recorded video of the scene as she and her 18-month-old daughter were heading to her parents' house. She recorded the video as she explained to her toddler why they were completely stopped.

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"All of a sudden, on the left side of the road, I saw a big black shape, moving," she said. "It took me a while to process it, and realized that it was a cow!"

At nearly the same moment, police in Canada were also trying to track down a kangaroo spotted hopping down the side of a highway.

Patterson can be heard on the video that the cow was in the roadway, causing her to have to come to a stop.

Police told WOOD TV that a lock failed on a trailer that was hauling six cows and one of them managed to get loose.

A police officer and wranglers managed to catch the cow and return it to the trailer.

Fortunately, no people or cattle were hurt.

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