Thieves targeting north suburban hair and nail salons

SKOKIE, Ill. (Fox 32 News) - Skokie Police are warning hair and nail salon customers and employees to be on the lookout for thieves.

A few weeks ago, stylist Violet Khamoo was working on a customer when two young women walked inside asking questions.

"The salon was very busy so I told them give me a few minutes and 'I'll be right with you,'" Khamoo said. "By the time I went and washed my clients' hair, I came and they were gone ... and they stole my (cell) phone."

Khamoo asked that we not identify her hair salon, fearing repercussions. 

The warning Skokie Police issued notes "Skokie and other jurisdictions have seen a pattern of theft and robberies commonly involving groups of 3-4 male subjects in their mid-teens to early 20's ... enter local salons and one or more will distract employees and customers while the others commit thefts. In some instances, robberies are being committed."

Skokie Police were not immediately available to comment on the post. 

"Late at night we try to watch the door and we don't stay here, just one of us. We always keep two people here," Khamoo said. 

Police ask anyone with information, or who notices anything out of the ordinary to give them a call at (947) 982-5900