Things get hairy during brawl at 49ers home opener

Fists flew, and a wig was thrown as a brawl erupted among fans during the San Francisco 49ers' home opener against the New York Giants on Thursday night.

Two women, both sporting Niners attire, sparred with each other in the stands, which escalated when at least three men joined the melee.

Videos shared on X, formerly Twitter, captured the altercation, which reportedly stemmed from "an issue about when dude was sliding by him to get to his seat."

In the initial videos posted by @T_Stephenson1, two women were seen exchanging blows and kicks. The woman in a red 49ers shirt then snatched her opponent's wig off, only to have a man in a red Richard Sherman jersey yank her hair and pull her back.

Then two other men got entangled in the fracas, trading punches and kicks.

According to the person who shared the videos, the people involved in altercation didn't even make it to halftime.

The brawl lasted several minutes until security finally intervened, separating those involved.

Despite the commotion, the 49ers emerged victorious over the New York Giants, extending their winning streak to 3-0.

Thursday's brawl wasn't the first showdown in the stands at a 49ers game. During the team's preseason game against the Denver Broncos on August 19, a violent altercation left one fan bloodied.

Video footage showed several fans clad in Niners jerseys exchanging punches during the incident.