This year's Cyber Monday was bigger and better than ever

FOX 32 NEWS - While millions of Americans went back to work Monday, chances are they didn't get a whole lot done with today being Cyber Monday.

It’s a day when nine in ten of us use our work computer or smart phones in search of holiday bargains.

At Amazon's fulfillment center, packages were moving nearly as fast as the click of a mouse.

In Kenosha, packages were moving at a pace so brisk that even the elves at Santa’s workshop would be impressed. With its one million square feet of merchandise, Amazon's fulfillment center is staffed by more than 2-thousand people working feverishly to ship packages all over the world, and they've got a lot of orders to fill.

Whether by phone, laptop or our desks at work, 122 million of us scoured retail sites big and small filling our digital carts with holiday deals - one million more people than last year.

Not only is Cyber Monday getting bigger, it's getting faster. Last year, the Kenosha center filled orders at a staggering rate and they had to with shoppers ordering items at 629 items per second.

Amazon isn't the only major online retailer luring customers with door buster deals. Walmart launched exclusive online sales on Black Friday while Target's been drawing bargain hunters with special deals since November the first.

The big sellers online are electronics, video games and of course toys. Ninety percent of everyone surfing the web in search of holiday deals is doing so to save money, while eight in ten of us say we shop on Cyber Monday to take advantage of free shipping.

And that's good news for porch pirates who are lying in wait. Last year, 11 million homeowners had a package stolen from their front stoop so you may want to time your deliveries.