Thousands line streets of Oak Lawn for Independence Day Parade

There was an overflow of Independence Day Pride in Oak Lawn Saturday, with thousands of people lining the streets.

"It’s all about family, all about getting together and celebrating the holiday," said resident Jena Fioccola.

The parade route stretched along 95th street from Cicero Avenue to 55th Court.

"This is bringing back many memories for old timers and young and it’s a new tradition for my family," said resident Tim O'Neill.


Participants included local business owners and youth sports teams. One guy was performing tricks on a giant wheel, another man amazed the crowd wearing his patriotic stilts. Hundreds of children were bagging candy that came flying into the crowd.  

In Chicago, Michigan Avenue was also flooded with folks earlier in the evening, many anxious to get downtown early to find a place to view the fireworks.

"This is my first time down here," said Grace McIntosh of Indiana. "I’m excited, ready for fireworks!"