Thousands of people are traveling to Mexico for cheaper dental care

Many Americans hunting for safe, affordable healthcare are heading south to Mexico. In fact, so many that a small border town has been nicknamed "Molar City" because of the huge number of dentists.

The prices there are 30 percent less than what people might pay in the United States. Many are senior citizens who walk to the other side of the border.

There are so many dentists in the small town that people go there from everywhere, including North Dakota, Maryland, and Alaska.

Some are snowbirds, some are on vacation, and some travel there solely to see a dentist. They cross the border near Yuma, Arizona, which is about a three-hour drive southwest of Phoenix.

There is an airport, and parking at the border is just $6. Or, you can get a hotel shuttle. Some stay the night in town.

The streets fill up fast. There are signs everywhere advertising inexpensive dental care.

Sanidental looks like many U.S. dental offices. 

“We do x-ray consultation, said a receptionist. “We manage insurance forms.”

Yes, they get you set up for insurance reimbursement. And with an aging population, health histories are vital.  

"If they had surgeries in the past years, that we have to get OK from their home doctor,” said Miguel Sandoval, of Sanidental. 

But it's the low cost that drives Americans over the border.

“I'm seeing prices about 25-30 percent what you'd see in the U.S.,” said Mitch Sayegh, of Alaska. “And that's significant when you're talking implants or major dental work. Even minor stuff here. It's $35 for a cleaning. It would cost me three or four times that in the states."

A retired pharmacist is there for extensive dental surgery.

“Price was a big factor,” said Tony Paul, of Nevada. “I've got a lot of fears, but I feel good.”

The Centers for Disease Control doesn't discourage anyone from seeking treatment out of the country but adds to pick a place fluent in English, check for antibiotic resistance in the area, and be careful flying too soon after surgery.