Henry Pratt Factory shooting in Aurora prompts changes to Illinois gun laws

Three years ago, a disgruntled worker opened fire at the Henry Pratt Factory in Aurora.

The deadly workplace shooting prompted changes to Illinois FOID card laws.

The anniversary of the deadly workplace shooting is Tuesday, but the work to try and stop something like that from happening again is in overdrive.

The shooter responsible should've never had a gun, according to FOID laws.

On Feb. 15, 2019, police from dozens of agencies responded to the Henry Pratt Factory after a disgruntled employee walked into the factory and killed five coworkers before being fatally wounded in an intense firefight with police — all with a gun he wasn't supposed to have. 


The killer's FOID card, which is required to possess a gun in Illinois, had been revoked five years earlier because of a domestic violence conviction.

He ignored a letter from police ordering him to turn over his weapon, and no one went to take it from him. 

"The Illinois State Police forded over 25,000 attempts to unlawfully obtain a firearm just last year. That's a record number because the changes we've made to the system because the focus we put on safety rather than an old antiquated bureaucratic process," said Brendan Kelly, Illinois State Police Director.