Tom Hiddleston on the complexities of Loki

After a decade of playing the iconic Marvel villain on the big screen, Tom Hiddleston is bringing the God of Mischief to the small screen with his new streaming series "Loki."

While Marvel fans are very excited to see the further adventures of the character, the character of Loki has a group of fans excited to see him return for another reason: They have a crush on him.

FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton spoke with Hiddleston from London about what it says about someone who has a crush on the Marvel villain Loki.


"He’s quite a cocktail of characteristics," Hiddleston said of Loki. "Playful, disruptive, mischievous. I suppose he’s witty, he’s charming…he’s quite dangerous though."

Hiddleston adds: "Behind all of that charisma, there’s something quite broken. So I wonder if getting close to him might be a tricky experience."

"Loki" starts streaming Wednesday, June 9 only on Disney+.