Top UN officials to visit Chicago to address violence problem

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Top United Nations officials will be coming to Chicago to address violence in the city.

It comes after Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin had a meeting with U.N. officials in New York on Thursday.

The purpose of Boykin's trip was a desperate plea for help to stop violence in Chicago.

Boykin met with the U.N.'s assistant secretary-general for peace-building support.

He calls the violence in Chicago a, "quiet genocide" in the city's black community and he appealed to the U.N. because it’s trained in keeping the peace.

There is no word on exactly what they'll be doing when they get to the city.

Boykin went on to say that he can't wait for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to put another 1,000 police officers on the streets and he doesn't know if that's the solution anyway.