Trump will hold huge rally in Chicago Friday

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Donald Trump plans to lead a big rally in Chicago this week, but his campaign also faces millions of dollars in new attack ads paid for in part by his fellow billionaires.

Other attack ads are also targeting Trump including some paid for by the billionaire Ricketts family, who are the owners of the Chicago Cubs.  

Trump is coming to The Pavilion on the Near West Side's University of Illinois Chicago campus. It can hold more than 9,000.

His political foes plan for a big crowd outside, too, with rhetoric already red hot.

“You've seen the racist things he's said. You've seen what he - he knows they're not true!” said Rep. Luis Gutierrez.

“Any effort to paint Donald Trump as a racist is beyond despicable. It is completely false. It is ridiculous,” said Trump supporter Douglas Ibendahl.

Ibendahl attended Trump's standing room only rally in Springfield a few months ago. He's looking forward to the Friday night rally at the University of Illinois Chicago Pavilion, where he may encounter a group of Hispanic activists – all Democrats - who promised protestors would demonstrate outside Trump's rally.

“We need to wake up, because we are in danger,” another Trump supporter said.

But a more immediate danger to Trump’s presidential campaign comes from some of his fellow billionaires. They and other wealthy donors are bankrolling a new round of attack ads and some are intended to convince conservatives that Trump is not really one of them.

After a surprisingly weak showing in the most recent voting in several states, Trump on Monday suddenly began posting videos responding to the mounting attacks on his character and credibility. In one, he answers former students of his now-defunct Trump University suing him. The students allege they were defrauded of tens of thousands of dollars.

It's clear he fears the impact of the Trump University lawsuits. In a deposition, Trump admitted that he did not properly screen the instructors and that one was a convicted felon. Also, the guy who wrote the instructional materials turned out to have no real estate experience.