TSA pre-check application center opens at O'Hare Airport


A new, temporary Transportation Security Administration pre-check application center opened Monday at O’Hare International Airport, giving some travelers the opportunity to apply in person for less of a headache as they go through security.

The newly opened TSA pre-check application center is located in the lower level of O’Hare’s Terminal 2 in the baggage claim area, according to a statement from the TSA announcing the program, which only lasts through May 13. Participants can pre-enroll at universalenroll.dhs.gov, and the location will also accept a limited number of walk-ins.

Travelers who have gone through the expedited screening program are allowed to leave on their shoes, outerwear and belt, keep their laptop in its case and their liquids in their carry-on in select screening lanes at more than 150 airports and 13 airlines.

U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents who want to apply can go through a pre-enrollment process online at tsa.gov, then visit an application center to provide biographical information, fingerprints, payment and valid ID and citizenship/immigration documentation, according to the statement.

There are three application sites in Chicago, including at O’Hare, and three others in Crestwood, Joliet and Rosemont.

The program requires an $85 application fee for a five-year membership, according to the statement.