Twins Gyros in Harwood Heights inducted into Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame

A longtime suburban restaurant Chicago was inducted into a hot dog hall of fame on Tuesday.

They serve up what may look like your average Chicago-style dog, but the hot dogs at Twins Gyros in Harwood Heights comes with a side of prestige.

The team from Vienna Beef presented the restaurant owners with a plaque and more as they inducted Twins Gyros into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame.

"I'm overwhelmed. I can't believe this is happening right now," said Lisa Mougolias, owner of Twins Gyros.

The northwest suburban spot is the 139th restaurant nationwide to get the honor from Vienna Beef.

"It's the hotdog stands that last. The people are what's important, both the customers and the people that work for them," said Bob Schwartz, Vienna Beef, Senior Vice President.

Twins Gyros has been on Harlem Avenue for 25 years. The Mougolias family has run it for the past 15 with this recipe for success.

"We know our customers. We know what they eat. You come in here and it is kind of like Cheers. Everybody knows your name," explained Lisa Mougolias.


One reason this place was honored is its staying power. There are some big hot dog and beef chains all around this neighborhood, bringing competition.

"They have every big hitter around them, but they're still here," said Schwartz.

Twins is known for its gyros, so why the hot dog hall of fame?

"Everybody's surprised. We actually do sell more gyros than most anyone in this whole northwest side area. But there's no gyro hall of fame yet. When there is we will be in there too," said Jimmy Mougolias, owner of Twins Gyros.

Until then, the hot dog hall of fame honors neighborhood joints that the Chicago area is known for.

"Take care of them, nurture them, because they don't realize how special they really are," said Schwartz.

And Twin Gyros has a hall of fame honor to prove it.