Chicago restaurants preparing for First Bites Bash next month

The First Bites Bash is coming back in January to celebrate all of the restaurants and flavors that make Chicago special. Here to talk more about the kick-off to Restaurant Week 2024 is Jordan Engerman, the vice president of Strategic Partnerships for Choose Chicago.

McDonald's to open 10K new locations by 2027

The Chicago-based fast food chain is planning a massive expansion over the next few years. McDonald's plans to open 10,000 new locations by 2027 and are looking to expand its loyalty program.

Orange Friday tailgating with Soul & Smoke

Chef Carter with Soul & Smoke shares his recipe for the best gumbo. Not only does he tell us the ingredients, but he shows us just how to make it like they do at the restaurant. Soul & Smoke has several locations in Chicago and new one in Evanston.