'Tyler the Donut Boy' helps CPD set record for most donuts eaten at one of his events

It's a record Chicago cops may or may not want to brag about.

They've topped the nation when it comes to eating donuts provided by "Tyler the Donut Boy."

He's been traveling the country with his mother, donating donuts to officers as a way of saying thanks for their service.

Chicago police officers grabbed their doughnuts and posed for pictures Monday with 11-year-old Tyler Carach. The Florida boy has become something of a celebrity by donating donuts to cops all over the country. It all started two years ago when he offered doughnuts to four officers near his Florida home.

“When I left asked my mom, why are they so happy over a snack? And she said it wasn't the snack they were happy about, it was that I took the time to say thank you. Now I said I want to thank every cop in America,” Tyler said.

Wearing his cape which says, "I ‘donut’ need a reason to thank a cop," Tyler has fed police in 41 different states. But no surprise, Chicago's finest topped them all, as 14th District Officer Alex Moreno set a new record by downing 15 of Tyler's donuts.

“So Chicago holds the national title for that now. They have ate the most donuts at one time for one of his events,” said Tyler’s mom, Sheena Carach.

The giving goes two ways. Police at 51st and Wentworth surprised Tyler with a cake for his 11th birthday. His overall take on Chicago?

“I like the departments, they're cool, but it's cold outside,” Tyler said.

Tyler used his allowance to buy his first donuts, but now he buys them with money from donations. His mom drives him to most of the states they visit and his school counts it as community service, so he's often allowed to take his schoolwork on the road.