United Center concessions workers approve new contract

After a one-day strike before the Big Ten tournament earlier this month, United Center concessions workers have voted to approve a new contract with employer Compass/Levy. 

The concessions workers who serve the food, drinks, and clean the arena voted to ratify the new contract which included improvements in wages, benefits, health insurance and a good pension plan with a 98% "yes" vote on Friday. 

"To have health insurance through my employer means that I will now be able to go to the doctor and get the medical care needed without having to spend $400 a month out of pocket for private insurance." said Jamie O’Neill,  Stand Manager, 30 seasons at the United Center. "Having a pension plan also means that me and the workers who come after me will be able to retire with dignity and respect."

The tentative agreement adds a new system of providing health insurance. Compass/Levy will now contribute $0.50 per hour to the Union's Pension plan as well as a significant increase in wages. 


Wages will be increased by $4.50 per hour immediately and workers can expect to see an increase of up to $6.60 per hour by Jan. 1, 2025. 

"For the first time in a long time my family won't have to choose between staying housed, paying rent, or buying groceries. We are a proud example of what workers can accomplish when we come together and fight for what we deserve." said Darlita Enoch, Sanitation Employee, 8 seasons at the United Center.

Before Friday's historic agreement workers had been without a contract for three years