Jack in the Box shooting in Houston, employee shoots at family over curly fries video released

Law enforcement has released surveillance video showing an incident involving a Houston Jack-in-the-Box employee who shot at drive-thru customers.

The incident occurred in March 2021 near Bush Intercontinental Airport after Anthony Ramos from Florida picked up his pregnant wife and 6-year-old daughter from the airport. Ramos was working in Houston after the 2021 freeze.

They proceeded to a Jack in the Box and went through the drive-thru window, where they were greeted by Alloniea Ford.

Many may recall this incident where they became embroiled in a dispute with the employee over a missing order of curly fries. For the first time, we are unveiling the video detailing how this event transpired.

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Upon receiving his food, Ramos asked for the missing item but was denied. This essentially set the stage for what followed.

In the video, it shows Ramos in his red pickup truck engaging in a verbal exchange with Ford. She momentarily leaves the frame, only to return, reigniting the dispute.

This prolonged for approximately nine minutes before tensions escalated.

The second time she leaves from the drive-thru window, camera footage shows her taking a firearm from her pocket, and then putting it back.

Another Jack in the Box employee intervenes in an attempt to de-escalate the situation. However, Ford returns to continue her dispute with Ramos. This time, the confrontation intensifies.

She began tossing ketchup packets into Ramos's truck's window.


Ramos retaliates by throwing items back at her, but the other employee closes and locks the drive-thru window.

This is when the video shows Ford unlocking the window and pulling out her firearm to point at Ramos. She fired several shots as he sped away. Fortunately, none of the bullets hit Ramos' vehicle, and no one was injured.

Ford was convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Recent documents reveal that her probation concluded in June 2023.

Ramos' family has filed a lawsuit against Jack in the Box and their legal counsel will hold a press conference to discuss the case.

"Jack-In-The-Box needs to do background check on employees so as not to expose their customers to someone who would attempt to kill them," said the family's lawyer Randall L. Kallinen, "These rage cases are getting out of hand in Houston."