Video shows CPD officer caught in middle of fight during Pride celebrations

About one million people come out to the Pride Parade in Chicago every year. It’s a mostly peaceful event, but with that many people, some fights did break out. 

One of them was caught on cell phone video. It happened near the Belmont Red Line stop in the Lake View neighborhood. It appears to show a Chicago police officer trying to break up a fight and gets in the middle of it.

That’s when other CPD officers jump in to help him out. It’s unclear at this time if anyone was arrested at this incident.

Those attending the parade yesterday, before it was canceled due to rain, say there was a big police presence and it was necessary due to the large crowds. 

“I saw a lot of police. I didn’t see any incidents and as long as the police behave, it’s a good thing,” said David Igasaki, who attended the parade.

“I didn’t know there were any arrests but I would think that there was so many police, that would make it a little more safe because it was keeping everybody together and in check. There are a lot of people there so I know it could definitely get crazy if it wanted to,” said Alexandra Gousos, who attended the parade.

Chicago police still working to compile the total number of arrests for yesterday’s event