Video shows Evanston woman using the N-word on Oak Street Beach

A Chicago area mom's cell phone video is going viral.

Raquel Bolton of Plainfield posted a racially charged rant on Facebook, directed at her four children, by another woman. It happened while the family was enjoying some fun in the sun this week at Oak Street Beach.

The video, which only lasts about 20 seconds, has generated a lot of anger and press.

Now, FOX 32 has learned more about the woman who shouted the N-word at Bolton and her children. 

Before the camera was rolling, Bolton said the N-word was flung at her three times. 

"She was definitely not exercising the freedom of speech, what she was exercising was hate," Bolton said.

The racially charged woman claims that Bolton’s children splashed water on her.

"Immediately when I approached her about yelling at them she hopped right up, and she got in my face and she dropped the N-word, and she said that she can do what she wants to and the kids should have said sorry," Bolton said.

Instead of getting physical, Bolton picked up her cell phone and pressed record. 

"Any confrontation, do I fight back, do I hit her, what do I say, the kids are around, I can go to jail," Bolton said.

Melissa Marshall is Bolton's sister-in-law.

"I didn't want her to hit Raquel, I definitely thought she was going to spit in her face," Marshall said.

After posting the video to Facebook, Bolton discovered through friends that the woman is 44-year-old Angelle Maria Massion of Evanston. 

Massion is a self-proclaimed health and sports blogger.

While Massion did not return a phone call placed to a number registered at her address, Northwestern University police are very familiar with her.

In 2006, police say they were called to an area of campus where Massion was harassing students. When they told her to leave, police say she yelled racial slurs and lashed out, attacking one officer.

She was charged with criminal damage to property, trespassing, resisting an officer and battery.

More recently, in July of last year, Massion was charged with criminal trespassing again, for refusing to leave Northwestern's college of continuing studies. Faculty also report Massion made threatening and racist calls prior to that incident.

For Bolton, who is a full-time student, part time worker and parent, there's a lesson she wants to pass along. 

"I hope that the next person, I hope it doesn't happen again, but if it does, that they do the same, they share the story, you know, expose it," Bolton said.

FOX 32 tried to speak with Massion in Evanston, but so far no comment.

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