Video shows man on bike stealing packages from Pilsen homes

Pilsen residents near the corner of 17th and Halsted are fighting back against a package thief. 

The residents released video Thursday hoping FOX 32 viewers may be able to help to catch him.

Around 10 a.m. Wednesday morning, a doorbell camera in the 700 block of West 17th Street shows a postal worker dropping off a package on the front stoop of an apartment building, without ringing the callbox. The rightful owner of that package said an hour later, a thief stole it, along with some other items.

She told FOX 32 she and her neighbors became aware of the thief when they noticed him trespassing behind their back patios. They said he always travels by bike, always wears a backpack, dark clothing, and, in these videos, bright blue gloves.  


Neighbors said he also stole packages from apartment buildings on the next block south and has been seen on multiple camera angles swiping packages and taking off on his bike.  

Neighbors have alerted Chicago Police and have also submitted a complaint with the post office for delivering a package without an alert.  

To prevent package thefts, Chicago police suggest tracking your packages in real-time, having important ones sent to the post office or requiring a signature.