WATCH: Florida toddler really wanted a baby sister

A Florida toddler had a priceless reaction when her parents shared the exciting news with her that she's going to become a big sister. 

On Wednesday, Claire's parents gave her a cupcake to let her know whether she's getting a little brother or a little sister. She REALLY wanted a little sister... 

Claire's parents sliced the cupcake, and she had a difficult time accepting the fact that the icing inside of it was blue instead of pink. The second she realized she wasn't getting a sister, she shoved the plate away and started crying. 

"I don't want a boy," she said before slamming her hand on the table and telling her parents to put the cupcake away. 

"You'll still love it!" Claire's mother told her. 

However, the 2-year-old disagreed and said, "no." Her parents captured her priceless reaction on a cell phone, and thankfully shared it with us! 

Claire's mom said her daughter is coming around to the idea of a baby brother, but she never touched the cupcake again.