Wauconda student brought loaded gun to high school: police

A Wauconda High School student was arrested Thursday for allegedly bringing a loaded gun to school.

Shortly before dismissal, police say school staff was informed of a possible weapon in the building.

Immediately, school staff and the Wauconda High School resource officer took the suspected male student into custody. They searched the juvenile student and recovered a loaded handgun.

The Wauconda Police Department says they later determined there was no intended targeted violence toward any staff or students.

The student was arrested and charges are pending, police said.


As a precaution, Wauconda police conducted a safety search of the premises using a K9.

Wauconda High School | Google Maps

Wauconda police say for the time being, extra officers will be on patrol at all city schools.

In addition, School District 118 will provide support services to any students in need.

Wauconda police say this was an isolated incident.

"I wish this didn't have to happen over and over again. It seems like no one cares until it happens to them and it's too late," said the parent of a Wauconda Elementary School student.

The Wauconda resident tells FOX 32 Chicago she learned of the incident well after school was let out for the day.

"I feel like a loaded gun is significant and I wish it would have been reported a lot sooner to the families whose kids attend that school," said the parent.

The planned assembly at the high school Friday is now rescheduled.