Ways to make your house less appealing to thieves

Summer is peak season for vacations, outdoor activities and home intrusions.

Just last month, police launched an investigation into a string of burglaries in the city's Jefferson Park neighborhood, and whether you're staying home or going out of town, there are ways to make your house less appealing to would-be thieves.

Just a few weeks ago in Jefferson Park, security cameras caught thieves stealing money and jewelry out of a home.

“The average home intrusion is about $2300 dollars in damages, and under 5 minutesm” said David Nance.

Personal security expert David Nance says august is one of the most popular months for would-be intruders. But there are ways you can make your house one that thieves will want to avoid.

“You want to make it appear that you are at home always,” Nance said.

Nance says TV light simulators and fake security cameras can help do that trick.

He also showed FOX 32 door bars and door stop alarms, which can stop would-be thieves from entering and alert you if they tried.

Outside a Ravenswood home, he pointed out some things that might deter or attract would-be burglars.

“The dog bowl is great, the last thing an intruder wants to deal with is a man-eating dog,” Nance said.

Nance says a bowl - or "beware-of-dog" sign - can help even if you don't have a dog, but warns don't let newspapers or other mail pile up - that can make it appear you haven't been home.

And keep your lawn in good shape.

If you can afford a security system, Nance says go for it.

“At the very least, have a sign out front that says that your home is protected which is a great deterrent,” Nance said.