Weekend Chicago shootings make it 2nd most violent of the year

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - The number of people shot in Chicago this weekend is sobering.

Eight people were killed and 45 others were wounded, which makes it the second most violent weekend in Chicago this year.

A surprising number of the shootings took place in the Kenwood and Hyde Park area, which are neighborhoods not far from the University of Chicago and President Obama's house.

One of the shootings even claimed the life of a 14-year-old boy.
Murder is on the rise in the city of Chicago. According to the Chicago Police Department, statistics last year compared to this year, that’s January through September, show that there have been 331 murders in 2015 and 277 murders in 2014.

Some communities are saying it has to stop, right now.

Two days after the innocent 14-year-old boy was shot and killed, the Kenwood community can’t forget and won't forget. On Monday night, they gathered near 44th and Greenwood to remember Tyjuan Poindexter.

"We intend to take back our city and take back our community,” said Isaac Monroe, who has lived in Kenwood for 15 years.

It was in his yard where the teenager took his last breath Saturday night.

Police say Poindexter was not affiliated with any gangs, and was shot and killed on his way to play basketball in Kennicott Park.

Monroe said this kind of violence doesn't happen here, and he won't let it scare him.

“I choose to feel safe in spite of all the circumstances and it may sound crazy, I have bullet holes in my garage, and I still choose to feel safe," said Monroe.

He said he and his neighbors won't stand for it, and are meeting as a community Tuesday night.

Chicago police statistics show there have been 5 murders in Kenwood in the past year, with 4 of those happening over the summer. 

Just blocks away, another neighborhood says they too have had it.

"It's horrid, this isn't Mayberry and I get living in a city, I am from Oakland, California and I know what it's like and the dangers that come with it, but this is supposed to be a pretty safe area," said Jim Bloom, who lives in Hyde Park near President Obama's home and the University of Chicago.

He said he can count 6 shootings near his home this summer, and two of them were deadly.

Bloom's neighborhood is also organizing, with hopes of calling on the community's leaders and not just more police.

"The Mayor and the Chief of Police need to draw up a better plan of strategy and tactics to combat it," said Bloom.

While Monroe in Kenwood would welcome more police officers.

"Since Saturday night, I've seen more police than I've seen in the last year," said Monroe.

There was a meeting Monday night at a Hyde Park church to discuss the violence, but the organizers told FOX 32 it would not be appropriate to report.

On Tuesday night there will be another meeting to discuss the violence at Rainbow Push.

FOX 32 reached out to the area's alderman, Will Burns, and have not heard back.