White Sox fans buying up Indians gear on South Side

FOX 32 NEWS - While it seems like everyone in Chicago is wearing Cubs hats or t-shirts, there actually has been a run on Cleveland Indians gear.

“I cannot stand the Cubs,” said White Sox fan Dale Mitchell.

Outside the Grandstand fan store in Bridgeport Tuesday, South Sider Dale Mitchell showed FOX 32 his new Cleveland Indians cap.

“Even though I'm a diehard Sox fan and I hate Cleveland, I just hate the Cubs more,” Mitchell said while laughing.

Another Sox fan showed FOX 32 his tattoo, which was a nastier sign of animosity toward the Cubs.

Grandstand's owners say some Sox fans this week have been putting their money where their hearts are.

“Anything that we had that was Cleveland is pretty much wiped out. Maybe with the exception of two hats,” said co-owner Josh Ganal.

“That's always going to happen. It happens when both teams, when the Sox were in it, we were selling Angels hats and Houston hats,” co-owner Stephanie Ganal said.

And while they might be running low on Cleveland Indians gear, there is no shortage of Cubs hats and t-shirts, and fans who are buying them up.

Leann Pitchford drove in from Crown Point, Indiana to buy Cubs hats.

“In our area, we went to five different stores Sunday and could not find a single hat anywhere. They did not get their supply in, and I know my husband wants to wear this tonight. So I figured, get a few brownie points,” Pitchford said.

Nate Rogers, a Sox fan, was shopping for his wife who’s a Cubs fan.

“I do enjoy watching the Cubs play, but I didn't grow up a Cubs fan. It's hard for me to buy the stuff,” said White Sox fan Nick Rogers.

Grandstand's owners are devoted White Sox fans, but also fans of their hometown.

“I will not root against my city, so I'm rooting for the Cubs, Cleveland can go home,” said Stephanie Ganal.

For families with split loyalties, Grandstand offers a rug with both White Sox and Cubs logos, and the phrase, “A House Divided.”