White Sox Opening Day: New food, drink options for 2022 season

The Chicago White Sox are gearing up for opening day with a preview of what's on the menu this season.  

A lot of it is not your average stadium grub, as the White Sox Chefs throw plenty of curveballs in the kitchen.

For the first time since 2019, they were able to preview new menu items Tuesday morning, with a spread inside the newly renovated Wintrust Scout Lounge.  

Items include Froman's Cheddar Pierogis, several giant sandwiches, smoked wings and a pretzel wrapped bratwurst.

"Two stadiums, ourselves and Milwaukee, will be the only two stadiums offering this up this year," said Executive Chef, Bret Donaldson from Delaware North.

Your sweet tooth can get a taste of the South Side with a Rainbow Cone.  

Or if you're in some pricey seats, you can guzzle down a cinnamon churro shake, after your beer cheese slider, Blue Moon brat or local sausage board.

Another change for opening day is that proceeds from the Sox Split 50/50 raffle will go to help in Ukraine.

"We decided that our portion of the proceeds from the opening day jackpot will benefit UNICEF and World Central Kitchen. Both agencies doing amazing work, boots on the ground, providing the most basic essential services to people that are just living every moment in crisis these days," said Christine O’Reilly, White Sox vice president of community relations.


They hope to get a huge jackpot with a huge opening day crowd. There's no more limited capacity like last season's starter.

"The fact that we have a scheduled opening day where it's going to be as of right now really nice weather. People are just going to be so excited to get back in the swing of baseball," said Brooks Boyer, White Sox chief revenue and marketing officer.

And when you're looking for that beer man, there are 75 craft beers from 46 breweries. Plus — Miller Light is back at the Rate, with the rest of the Molson Coors lineup.

Both raffle tickets and game tickets are on sale now for White Sox Opening Day April 12.