Whitney Young High School announces new principal — only the fourth in 47 years

Whitney Young High School has a new principal — only the fourth in 47 years.

Rickey Harris, who was the assistant principal, in now the head of the school. He will be replacing retiring principal Joyce Kenner.

Harris is a native Chicagoan, who actually wanted to attend the high school when he was a teen. However, his mother said it was too far.

"I wanted to go to Whitney Young, and she wouldn’t allow it because the distance was so great. She was nervous about me traveling alone. But I showed her, I am here anyway. Don’t get me mom, don’t get me," Harris said while laughing.

Harris was the school's Dean of Students from 2006 to 2010, and then returned in 2020 as the assistant principal.


With his 50th birthday just 20 days away, he says this new position is a gift of a lifetime.

"I want the students and staff to know I am committed to leading with love, listening with a heart to understand, and learning from everyone," Harris said.

The school's local council voted unanimously to offer Harris the job.