Wild weather keeps Chicagoans guessing

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There was confusion and chaos outside the gates of the Pitchfork Music Festival on Saturday afternoon.   It was day two for music lovers in Chicago's Union Park, but Mother Nature had a different plan which forced thousands into the streets.

“Everyone was complaining and then a huge bolt of lightning hit perfectly timed and everyone said ‘it's time to go,’” said Mike Cunningham as he left the park, soaked to the bone.

The skies opened up and the rain came which was a welcome relief from the heat.  About 40 minutes later the evacuation was lifted and the festival was back on.

“It’s not fun that we have to come out and wait for it to open up, but when you are in the rain and there's music playing it’s always a good time.  When it’s supposed to be super hot out it's nice to have a change of pace,” said Madeline Happold.

Others were hoping to get in a good beach day.

“We were just about dripping in sweat.  We spent most of our time just sitting in the lake hanging out.  It was tough with the humidity,” said John Kohler.

“It was very hot, but the water cooled you off and now… the water is very cold, but the sun is coming back so we are going to make the best of it,” said Shawnta Robinson.

Nothing was going to keep Chicagoans from enjoying the first real taste of summer this July weekend.                       

As for Pitchfork, they stuck to their weather contingency plan and were able to get everyone out of the park safely.