Wisconsin girl raises money to help Chicago police buy tourniquets

A Wisconsin teenager is helping keep police officers in Chicago safe, and because of her generosity, she is being recognized.

The 15-year-old recently visited Chicago and fell in love with CPD. Then, she heard the story of an officer using a tourniquet to help save his own life. Now, she wants to make sure all officers have the life-saving device.

On a cold day in Chicago, there was a warm and heartfelt thank you inside the Chicago Police Union Headquarters. Taylor Pflum was being honored. She's a 15-year-old, small-town Wisconsin girl and loves police officers.

“They do some much for everyone, they save lives,” she said.

On September 21, the Fugitive Apprehension Team was closing in on shooting suspect Michael Blackman when he opened fire on police. Blackman is accused of shooting Officer Adam Wazny.

“The bleeding was severe. Had he not gotten to the hospital when he did, he probably would've died,” Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham said.

Wazny quickly placed the tourniquet on his leg wound and his partner applied pressure. He was rushed to the hospital.

“Thanks to all my teammates and the effort to save me, I’m here today,” Officer Wazny said.

Taylor heard his story and found out not all officers have these life-saving devices, so she raised money selling handmade wooden pumpkins to buy more tourniquets.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Fraternal Order of Police thanked her.

“I feel that it is important to keep all Chicago police officers safe and that's why all police officers should have tourniquets,” Taylor said.

Officer Wazny’s days of searching for suspects have been put on hold and now after a month in the hospital, he's at home with his baby girl.

“She would climb all over me or sit on me and do her thing. It was unbelievable the love that she was showing and how much she missed me,” Wazny said.

Wazny says he hopes to raise his daughter right, following in Taylor’s selfless footsteps.

“I love to support them for what they do,” Taylor said.

The money Taylor raised will buy five or six tourniquets. She says she will continue to raise money for first responders.

As for Officer Wazny, he will find out in a couple of months if he needs another surgery and in the meantime, he says he’s going to enjoy the holidays with his family.