Woman finds dozens of snakes in apartment after building renovations

A Colorado woman said she has found dozens of snakes slithering into her apartment following building renovations.

Charlotte Moore, of Aurora, Colorado, said she has seen at least 25 snakes along the baseboards and under furniture in her apartment, FOX 31 in Denver reported. The snakes have been appearing since June 2 when crews removed balconies at the complex and left a hole leading into her residence.

Moore said she suffers from ophidiophobia, or the abnormal fear of snakes, and also has a son with disabilities in the apartment. She added that the snake sightings have caused her to stay up most of the night.

snake ni apartment

Charlotte Moore said she has found at least 25 snakes in her apartment after crews doing building renovations accidently left a hole, which has since been fixed. (Photo credit: KDVR-TV)

“We noticed the smell was really bad and that’s when we started seeing the snakes,” Moore told the station. 

“To me, snake is Satan and I don’t deal with him,” she added.

Representatives with the complex, called Fitzsimmons Junction Apartments, said a pest control company was called and the issue was resolved. 

Moore was also offered to be relocated to another unit or to end her lease early with the return of her deposit, which she declined, FOX 31 reported.

“The safety and comfort of our tenants is our highest priority. We take any presence of snakes very seriously and have worked with our professional pest control provider, who has assured us the issue has been adequately resolved,” the complex’s corporate office told the station. “In addition to working with pest control, we have offered to accommodate Ms. Moore by relocating her to another unit or by releasing her from her lease with the return of her deposit. Ms. Moore chose to decline our offers and remain in the unit, as the situation was addressed and ultimately resolved.”

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This story was reported from Cincinnati.