Woodridge residents still unable to move back home after EF3 tornado in 2021

Leaders of the ongoing tornado recovery effort in Woodridge, where an EF3 hit nearly two years ago, are using the most recent round of Illinois tornadoes to highlight the difficulty and slow-going nature of tornado aftermath.

Some Woodridge tornado victims are still not back in their homes, even though the tornado hit the area all the way back in June 2021.

"This is sad because it's impacted so many families out of their homes, but throughout Woodridge, they've had insurance issues," said Woodridge Mayor Gina Cunningham. "This has been ongoing and persistent."

In many cases, residents' insurance companies still haven't come through to get them the necessary financial help.

"This is a very emotional time for all of us," said Cunningham. "I want to thank our neighbors for their kindness and resilience. This has been a long, difficult road."


Local lawmakers didn't offer specific timeframes, but said relief may finally be in sight from Farmer's Insurance, who insures several local victims.

"We've finally gotten movement with Farmer's on moving forward with rehabilitation and repair of the properties," said State Sen. John Curran of Illinois' 41st District.

Currently, 24 homeowners in Woodridge are still unable to move back home.

Woodridge is a cautionary tale in the wake of the 16 confirmed tornadoes to touch down in Illinois this past week. State Attorney General Kwame Raoul is urging residents to be on alert for repair scams, advising affected homeowners to be wary of any contractors who are going door-to-door this week, or anyone identifying themselves as an inspector offering services for free.

Several state lawmakers said they are hoping to announce financial relief for victims of this past week's tornadoes in the coming weeks, specifically for any residents who are un- or underinsured.