Yorkville students lobby to remove Hastert's name from school

The shocking details from the Dennis Hastert sentencing have prompted school officials in Yorkville to take another look at displays honoring the former House speaker.

Some students are also lobbying to have Hastert’s name removed from the school.

One day after a judge labelled Dennis Hastert as a serial child molester and sentenced him to 15 months in prison, a student at Yorkville High School provided FOX 32 with pictures of Hastert's name still displayed in the school gymnasium. The student calls the display a constant reminder of Hastert's crimes. He's hoping students will use the Twitter hashtag #TakeBackTheGym to lobby for its removal.  

A spokesperson for the school district says that administrators are reviewing the signage issue and will discuss it with the school board.

In a Kendall county courtroom Thursday morning, one of Hastert's victims tried to proceed with his lawsuit without having to be named.

“I think that my client's interest in privacy in this particular interest outweighs the public's interest in knowing exactly who he is,” said attorney Kristi Browne.

Browne represents Individual A, one of Hastert's five victims. He filed a lawsuit this week under the fictitious name James Doe, claiming Hastert has failed to pay him the full $3.5 million promised as compensation.  

Judge Robert Pilmer said he needs to know the name to make sure he's got no conflicts in the case, but it'll be kept under seal while Hastert's attorneys decided whether to object.

Individual A's attorney was asked about victim Scott Cross' claim that there may be as many as nine victims.

“I don’t' have any knowledge of other victims so I don’t have any reason to believe or disbelieve that statement,” Browne said.

Dennis Hastert and his attorneys were not required to show up for the hearing Thursday, but the judge said he wants to see everyone on July 25 to discuss where the case is headed.