Chicago White Sox fans react after season ends on South Side

"It’s sad. Very sad."

A White Sox fan aptly sums up the mood after a season ending 10-1 loss to the Astros.

For a team that brought so much joy this season, there was a funereal feel as White Sox fans filed out of Guaranteed Rate Field Tuesday evening.

"I was hoping they would do it today but I don’t know what happened," said a man wearing a Sox cap.

"Anger, upset. I’m tired of waiting every year," said another fan. "This should have been the year we did it."

"We just couldn’t hit today," said a man hustling to his car. "They had a great season. It just kind of fell apart at the end."

And more than a few White Sox fans suspect the only reason they lost is because the Astros are continuing their nefarious ways.

"They cheat," said one angry fan. "We all know they were cheating, Dusty. There’s something going on there, right?"

But even this White Sox cloud has a silver and black lining. Just ask 8-year-old David Becvar.

"At least this was my first playoff game. That was fun," said Becvar. "I’m really excited for March to get back in the season."


"So we got to celebrate our anniversary here, so I guess that’s the bright side," a woman said. "And I got my giant cookie. I’m happy about that."

And of course, as veteran Chicago baseball fans know, there’s always next year.

"Next year baby! The White Sox!! This is just the beginning!" said another fan.

"They got a young team. They got a few positions to fill," another man said. "Maybe a pitcher or two. And we can be right back here."