Cubs' Kris Bryant hits home runs into Chicago River

It is not something you see every day. Cubs star Kris Bryant bashing baseballs into the Chicago River.

The stunt was part of a promotion by an energy drink company, and it quickly drew a big crowd of delighted Cubs fans.

"I work right across and I heard it through my window and I said I gotta see what's going on,” said Barrie Cohen.

It was a summer surprise for thousands downtown.

"I'm a huge Kris Bryant fan so I gotta watch him. Fun seeing him hit it into the river,” Cohen said.

As part of a Red Bull promotion, Bryant took batting practice in the little park overlooking the river where it splits north and south. People gathered at Wolf Point, along the riverwalk, and on the Lake Street Bridge to watch.

"I work in this building right here and everybody said you gotta check it out. Kris Bryant is hitting homers into the drink!" said John Whiting.

Kayakers scooped up the balls that splashed in the water -- one very nearly clearing the river -- a blast of nearly 500 feet.

"This is just perfect weather. Summertime Chicago. Everybody's on their lunch break showing up. Such a cool thing to do,” Bryant said.

"He was hitting them pretty far. It was awesome, pretty cool. Hopefully he can continue that in the second half and hit some for the Cubs,” said Cubs fan Anthony Pasquale.

Throwing pitches to Bryant was his brother-in-law, Tomo Delp. They played together in high school.

"Oh man it's an experience like no other. It's a lot of fun and cool to see some kayakers out there diving for some balls,” Delp said.

"I think it would be super cool to do it in Wrigleyville. Like right in the middle of the street and take out some windows,” Bryant said while laughing.