St. Ignatius girls' volleyball team makes history, advances to state competition

The sports teams at St. Ignatius High School on Chicago's West Side have been making headlines this fall season. However, the girls' volleyball team has achieved a historic milestone as they head to the state competition for the first time.

The team's journey to the state competition has been filled with victories, and they are now set to participate in the state championship in Normal, Illinois. Their remarkable season included winning the 3A sectional championship for the first time in 19 years and securing the super-sectional victory against St. Laurence.

The 17-member girls' volleyball team, along with their dedicated coach, who has been with St. Ignatius for three years, are thrilled about this achievement. Their coach, Mariah Robinson, commended the team's hard work and the right mindset that led to their success.

"Our motto this year was to be uncomfortable. Being in a situation when you’re in a playoff setting and can we be comfortable with being uncomfortable, to make that push and finally win and do something? And this year we did," said Robinson.

Marin Thaxton is a sophomore at Saint Ignatius.

"We definitely all have been working up to this moment, and we're super excited for this Friday. This whole season has been anticipating this big finish, and we're super excited," she said.

As the team prepares for the state competition, the school will send them off with a special breakfast on Thursday. To support their athletes, St. Ignatius High School has organized a half day on Friday, allowing the student body to attend the game and show their school spirit.

In a remarkable coincidence, the volleyball team's success is not the only reason for celebration at St. Ignatius. The football team is also advancing to the semi-finals, playing on Saturday. It's an exciting time for the St. Ignatius community.