Chicago weather: Cloudy skies and pleasant temps Wednesday

Some decent rain fell yesterday with Chicago officially ending up with about half an inch. That should be enough to give the sprinklers and watering cans the day off. 

Today starts with clouds but will finish with some afternoon sun, partially filtered by wildfire smoke. 

Tonight will be partly cloudy and pleasant. 

Tomorrow will feature one of those backdoor cold fronts that zips down the lakeshore knocking temperatures down by 15 degrees just like that.  Prior to its arrival, temperatures will be close to 80 degrees at O’Hare for the daily high.  


However, far north and lakeside locations may only top out around 70 degrees and far southwest viewers will have highs in the mid to upper 80s before the front hits. There is very little chance of rain with the front.  

Friday looks sunny and mild. Over the Father’s Day weekend, as outlined earlier, the chances for rain are going down, down, down. Saturday should be entirely dry with low 80s and Sunday’s rain prospects appear meager and perhaps focused over our southern viewing area.