Chicago weather: Summer-like temps move in for the weekend

As Thursday progresses, Chicagoans can anticipate a change in weather conditions.

Cloud cover is expected to thin out as we move into the evening hours, eventually giving way to partly cloudy skies during the night. However, residents should be aware that there is a chance of dense fog developing late tonight and lingering into the early hours of Friday. This fog may impact the morning commute, potentially causing delays, so commuters are advised to exercise caution and allow extra time for their journey.

Once the fog dissipates on Friday, the weather will take a turn for the better. Skies will brighten, and the sun will make a welcome appearance. Daytime temperatures are forecasted to reach the pleasant mid-70s, offering a respite from recent weather patterns.

As we head into the weekend, the outlook remains promising. Mostly sunny skies are in store, and temperatures will climb into the lower 80s. This is perfect weather for enjoying outdoor activities or simply basking in the sunshine.

Looking ahead, the warmth will persist during the first half of the upcoming week, providing ample opportunities for outdoor enjoyment. However, a significant cool-down is on the horizon. Towards the end of next week and into the following weekend, all indications point to a noteworthy drop in temperatures. Residents should be prepared for a shift in weather patterns as we move closer to this cooldown period.