Flurries, below-freezing temps settle in Wednesday across Chicago

An annoying and rather stubborn area of flurries with embedded bursts of real snow continues to cover much of Chicagoland this morning.

That can lead to slippery spots on top of any re-freeze that has taken place now that very cold air has once again taken hold.  

These pockets of heavier snow will abate by noon leaving mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid 20s for the afternoon. 


Later tonight there could be light snow showers blowing over the Illinois side of the lake but the snow show gets going tomorrow late afternoon.  

The snow will impact that evening’s commute and likely the Friday morning rush as well. Looks like a 3-inch deal give or take an inch. 

Beyond that, temperatures will remain colder than normal for the remainder of the month with a bit of moderation next week.