Flooding seeps into Chicago homes as residents clean up storm damage

Albany Park residents said a lot of the rain that fell in droves across Chicago Sunday went right into their basements.

One neighbor said it was the rain that caused a large tree to fall on a house in the 5200 block of North Monticello Avenue.

Torrential rain caused water to shoot out of the streets in Albany Park and other North Side neighborhoods. Rushing water filled streets under viaducts, stranding cars and running into basements.


The trees that fell on Monticello Avenue were cut into pieces Sunday. Today, crews plucked the pieces with a construction ripper, filling two large trucks.

Neighbors said the storm caused all sorts of trouble.

Mary Ann Hockman has lived in the area since 1966.

She said the rain came in her house through windows. Her neighbor, who lives in a garden level apartment, had two feet of water and had to move out.

Residents were up all night cleaning up mud and debris. The city warns there could be more flooding with rivers continuing to swell.