Miami couple's compromise during storm preps ends with car in living room

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Many Floridians spent time this week boarding up their homes and securing their valuables ahead of Hurricane Irma. 

Everyone's priorities have been different, as was the case for a Miami husband and wife when it came to the husband's prized 1987 Nissan 300 ZX.

Mia-Lee Acea's husband was not about to let a little storm destroy his beloved hobby car, which is in the middle of a restoration.

While in the process of securing their home before the storm, Acea says her husband asked if he could put his car in their living room. 

Wanting to offer a compromise, she told him he could put the car in the living room if it would fit through their sliding glass doors. 

"We always try to meet halfway with his hobbies," she told FOX 13 News. "So I figured agreeing to let him cover the car inside the house was a win for me, but he outsmarted me."

Acea says she walked upstairs to work with some shutters. When she came back down, she discovered her husband had removed and dismantled the sliding glass doors separating their living room from their yard.

She took out her phone and started recording video. 

Before removing the doors, it's easy to see why Acea offered this compromise. The opening would not have been wide enough to accommodate the car. But once the door was removed, her husband had plenty of room to fit through.

He even put down a plastic tarp to protect the floor, (or maybe his tires).

Another video shows Acea's husband covering the car with the plastic, in the middle of their living room. 

But after the car was inside and secure, her husband returned the door and marveled at his new in-house entertainment. 

"The glass door was put right back in place," Acea said. "We shuttered the remainder of the house and headed to a family members place till the storm is over."

It's clear the two have a strong understanding of each other.

"We had some good laughs," she said. "This is one to laugh about later. Hopefully, he doesn't leave it as furniture once this blows over."