Sunshine and near-freezing temps in store for Chicago Wednesday

It won’t exactly be a carbon copy of yesterday (does anybody younger than me even know what carbon copy means?) 

Nevertheless, expect a good deal of sunshine and temperatures ranging from the low 40s to the mid 30s with the coldest readings being found across the far northwest suburbs. That’s where there is still about an inch of snow on the ground. 

The forecast focus is squarely on the next snowfall headed for Chicagoland. Most computer models do not depict a major event for our area but just enough to cause some slippery roads Thursday night into early Friday morning. 


At this point it looks like about a 1 to 3 inch snowfall although at least one computer model is showing a complete and utter miss for our area (perfectly fine by me). 

There is total confidence in a blast of truly arctic air by March standards which will arrive Friday and especially Saturday. Fortunately this is a quick hitter and will be erased by near 50-degree warmth on Sunday with mid 50s likely next week.