Chicago mayoral candidates rally for support in final days before election

Every endorsement and appearance has to count in these final days of the Chicago mayoral campaign.

Next week, Chicago will have a newly elected mayor. In the meantime, candidates Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson are spending a lot of time getting out the vote.

Vallas received the endorsement of Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) over the weekend. Retired Secretary of State Jesse White joined the event, where they emphasized experience and loyal relationships over the decades.

"Ultimately, my success as a mayor will rest on my ability to make investments in long under-served communities to get at the root causes of some of the challenges that we face in this city and that we have faced for decades, if not for generations," Vallas

Johnson appealed to Black and brown communities. He campaigned in churches and stressed his educational background qualifies him as a collaborator for the best interests of all Chicagoans.


"We have to create opportunities for those economic drivers, a lot earlier before you even get to high school so that's about trades, that's about manufacturing jobs," Johnson said.

Both candidates believe they can make Chicago safer.

The Chicago Board of Elections reports there is more participation in early voting and voting by mail than in past mayoral elections.

The candidates are hoping for a busy election day on April 4th.