Michael Carbonaro injects magic into his show 'The Carbonaro Effect'

As the host of the popular hidden camera magic series “The Carbonaro Effect,” Michael has made a career out of making people believe.

And it all began in the World of Horror – adjacent to the World of Magic.

Michael was quickly sucked into the World of Magic, climbing the ranks until he landed a gig on The Tonight Show – an impressive achievement, even if Jay Leno couldn’t pronounce his last name.

The pronunciation didn’t matter – what did was the talent that audiences saw.

The tonight show gig led to Michael hosting his own series – “The Carbonaro Effect,” the hidden camera series which throws people into hilariously magical sketches by removing the knowledge that magic is taking place.

But his success means that, for the moment, that formula is on hold – his nationwide tour is selling out across the country, meaning that people are definitely looking for those magical skills.

But look closely.

Because you never know when it’ll happen.