Maine West students turn up ahead of football game against Schaumburg

Good Day Chicago celebrated an energetic Friday prep rally with Maine West High School in advance of the school’s football game against Schaumburg High School.

John Aldworth, Associate Principal of Student Experiences, assembled students who got up early and dressed in red, white and blue, the theme for the Friday night game.

A Maine West student Marcial said they like to have themes for fans to bring them together as a community. Tonight they are honoring U.S. military veterans.

Another student Callie said the school spirit at Maine West is second to non. She said she's proud of the diverse spirit activities offered to develop the sense of unity and belonging. 

"I’m so proud to call myself a Warrior," Callie said. 

The school has a program to make incoming freshmen feel at home. Fatima, a student at Maine West, said the ambassadors program helps newcomers learn about how to become a Warrior.

Aldworth said his students are good singers and know their school fight song better than any high school in the country.

The school’s marching band and drum line performed with great energy for Good Day Chicago.