10 drug-induced robberies allegedly tied to Wisconsin women arrested in River North

A pair of women from Milwaukee have allegedly stolen from at least 10 men so far this year after drugging them outside nightclubs, stealing in excess of $85,000.

Since January, Tiana Trammell and Tjwana Rainey ran a “simple” scheme that involved meeting men in bars and leading them each to another location, Cook County prosecutors said in a proffer prepared for court.

Once secluded, the pair would hand a bottle of liquor to the man, who would then “black out” and wake up on the side of a road missing his cellphone, wallet, credit cards and jewelry, prosecutors said.

In other cases, the pair allegedly went home with a man and took his valuables after he passed out. The missing cards were later used at ATMs and department stores in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, metro area, prosecutors said. The losses allegedly exceeded $85,000.

The pair were arrested early Sunday in River North after they allegedly drugged a 27-year-old in the 400 block of North LaSalle Drive, according to Chicago police. He allegedly woke up behind one of the women’s car and was missing his personal property.

Trammell, 25, and Rainey, 32, face a felony count each of continuing a financial criminal enterprise and possession of a controlled substance.


Prosecutors did not detail where the other alleged incidents happened, or what substance they allegedly used in addition to the alcohol.

A judge Tuesday ordered Trammell held on a $55,000 bail and denied her permission to travel if able to post bond. Rainey was ordered held on $45,000 bail.

They are expected back in court Nov. 4.