14-year-old leads chase, flips stolen car after running red light

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A 14-year-old from Clinton Township is looking at some very adult charges as he was caught in a stolen car, running a red light, and leading police on a high speed chase before flipping the car.

Deputies tried to top the teen around 4:30 Tuesday morning. The sheriff was passing through the intersection of Dickinson and Gratiot in his cruiser when the teen ran through the flashing red light.

The deputy immediately switched on his lights and the driver floored it. The 2003 Toyota Camry first pulled into a gas station parking lot. The teen circle the store and then left and headed the opposite direction down Dickson.

The driver blew through stop signs and was hitting 70 mph. That's a big risk and one deputies do their best to keep everyone safe.

"When you put lights on. There is a million things that go on in your head. What are wanted for, why are they running," Macomb County Sheriff Tony Wickersham said.

When the teen reached the intersection with Avery, he tried to turn right. Instead, he hirt a curb and flipped over numerous times and took out a reinforced cement fence. But he wasn't done yet.

The teen, apparently not seriously hurt, climbed out of the car and took off before the deputy could get there. Officers searched the area and found him hiding under a pool deck behind a home on Avery.

He was arrested and taken to the Macomb County Juvenile Justice Center (JJC), where he awaits charges. 

Watch the full chase from start to finish from the police dashcam here: